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Fall In Love With Hilton Head

Fall in Love with Hilton HeadFall is a glorious time to be, and live, in Hilton Head. October and November are some of the best times to be here. Here’s a few pictures to help you fall in love with Hilton Head, like we did!

Beaches Are Wide and Wonderful

Fall in Love with Hilton HeadWalking the beach before work means getting out there early! Before the time change, we were usually there way before the sun rose, but were rewarded with beautiful, pre-dawn colors.Fall in love with hilton headAfter the time change, the sun comes out nice and bright in a beautiful blue sky!Fall in love with hilton headWhen we start seeing pictures of the first snowfall back in Ohio, we are grateful to be living near the beach, soaking up the sunshine. One of the major reasons most people fall in love with Hilton Head!

Second Gardening Season in the Fall

fall in love with Hilton HeadBeing able to garden in the fall and winter here is a wonderful thing. Our vegetable garden at Seabrook Farms, the community garden in our neighborhood, is flourishing.Fall in love with hilton headCabbage, kale, carrots, parsnips, broccoli, daikon radishes, rutabaga, lettuce, cauliflower and more. It is fun to come up with different recipes for all these veggies!fall in love with hilton headThe onion sets and garlic are just being planted and will be harvested in the spring. 79 onions!Fall in love with Hilton HeadWalking to the garden is something “The Boys” enjoy and they love to explore every inch of our plot and nibble on some kale if you don’t keep an eye on them!

It Is Not Too Hard to Fall in Love With Hilton Head

Fall in Love with Hilton HeadThe nights are cooler, but most days are sunny and warm here in the fall. Perfect for hanging out on a dock overlooking the water.Fall in Love with Hilton HeadWith the summer crowds gone, it is easier to boat up Broad Creek to Shelter Cove and enjoy the restaurants and fishing in the coves.Fall in love with Hilton headOvernight trips to nearby islands, like Kiawah Island, wrap up why it is so easy to fall in love with Hilton Head.

Sunrise Beach Walks in Hilton Head

Sunrise beach walks in Hilton HeadThere is nothing better than getting up early to see the sunrise. We have always loved doing that, especially on vacation. Now, living on an island, all of us get to take sunrise beach walks in Hilton Head every morning. The Boys love it!

Pine Island on the Port Royal Sound

Sunrise Beach Wals in Hilton HeadOne of our favorite places to take our sunrise beach walks in Hilton Head is in our Plantation. The 3/4 mile stretch of beach on Pine Island is on the Port Royal Sound. [click to continue…]

Summertime in Hilton Head

Summertime in Hilton headWhen the horseshoe crabs start showing up on the beach, we know summer is not far behind.
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A Hilton Head Fishing “Tail”

A Hilton Head Fishing TailAs soon as Bruce pulled the anchor and I turned the Freedom X  Bay Scout toward Port Royal Sound I knew I was heading the wrong direction. Bravado can often cause a guy to make exactly the  wrong choice. The pain that had started in my right foot had spread to the inside of my knee and then to my thigh and was almost certainly heading toward my heart and would cause my imminent demise.   After all, we all know what happened to Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter).
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Southern Signs of Spring in Hilton Head

Although we can garden all year-long in Hilton Head, February can be quite a challenge. Nightly temperatures can drop below freezing a couple of times, prompting either a “cover everything” or an “it will be all right (I’m too lazy)” reaction. As March warm weather builds our confidence we are over the overnight freeze threat, we begin to appreciate the Southern signs of spring in Hilton Head.

Spring in Hilton Head

Spring in Hilton HeadTo me, azaleas have always been the hallmark of spring in Hilton Head. When I would visit the island this time of year, I would relish the masses of color as my NE Ohio garden was still bleak and dreary. Now that I live here, I get to experience the anticipation of the glorious full blooms one little bud at a time in my own backyard. [click to continue…]

Magic of Tidying Up in Hilton Head2015 has been declared “The Year of the Cleanse” in our household. Inspired by the NY Times best-seller The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up in Hilton Head we are finally dealing with all that stuff we moved here from Ohio. Last month, I laid out our plan for the year and promised to update you every month on our progress. So far, so good! We have accomplished our first goal. [click to continue…]

I remember the very first time we went to the Jazz Corner Hilton Head back in 2008. I had heard the popular band Deas-Guyz rocked the house there every Sunday night to a standing-room only audience. Billed as a not-to-be-missed occasion, both the music and the food proved to be outstanding, as promised. We have been there many times since and it just keeps getting better and better with many never-to-be-forgotten dinners and performances.

One of the Top 100 Jazz Clubs in the World

The Jazz Corner Hilton HeadJazz Corner Hilton HeadYes, here in little ‘ol Hilton Head, we have one of the best jazz clubs IN THE WORLD, according to DOWNBEAT magazine. They get first-class musicians every single night of the week. Weekends usually feature international, Grammy-award winning artists with a two-night gig. Bria Skonberg, pictured on the left, Annie Sellick, Noel Freidline, Freddy Cole(Nat King Cole’s brother) and Deana Martin (Dean Martin’s daughter) are just some of the acts we have seen at Jazz Corner Hilton Head and won’t forget anytime soon. [click to continue…]

If it is raining in Hilton Head, as it sometimes does, don’t despair! There are lots of ways to entertain you and your family on the island when things get misty. One of my favorite things to do on a rainy day is avoid the crowds and visit one of our many unique shopping plazas. Last summer, I blogged about visiting Main Street Village when it is raining in Hilton head. This time, I am going to take you to another favorite: The Village at Wexford.

“The Best of Everything and Something for Everyone”

Raining in Hilton Head

“The Boys” love a dog-friendly place!

Their slogan says it all. According to their website, The Village of Wexford is composed of 30 of the best merchants in the Hilton Head area. Visitors and locals alike enjoy fine shopping, dining and pampering that makes up the best of Hilton Head. Many of the merchants and The Village itself are consistently recognized by the community, winning the annual Island Packet and Hilton Head Monthly Readers Choice Awards. Best of all, it is dog-friendly! [click to continue…]

Tidying Up in Hilton Head

Tidying Up in Hilton HeadInspired by the book “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, we have declared 2015 “The Year of the Cleanse.” Tidying Up in Hilton Head should only take a year or so (sigh) and we will keep you posted about it every month. Hopefully, we might inspire you tidy up, too.

The Year of the Cleanse

The book has been on the NY Times bestseller List for several weeks, so I thought “Why not?” I was hoping for inspiration for a New Year’s resolution – one we might actually stick to for 12 months. So far, three weeks into the new year, this is it! The book is short, sweet and to the point with a specific roadmap of how we can navigate “The Year of the Cleanse.”

Discarding Comes First

Tidying Up in Hilton Head Hilton Head Living- Moving to Hilton Head has required some downsizing!In the book, Marie states the obvious: “One reason so many of us never succeed at tidying up is because we have too much stuff.” Sad, but true. Combining our Ohio belongings with what we already had here meant TOO MUCH STUFF! Where to start? Discard first, then organize what’s left. Sounds easy enough. [click to continue…]

What I Miss Most About Ohio!

Hilton Head Living- This year we are coming to terms with our downsizing

This year we are coming to terms with our “downsizing”

Moving to paradise has not been without some regrets.  I’m not talking about leaving old friends and family members – that’s the emotional side. What I’m referring to here is that process, Janet might call it my “day of reckoning,” whereby I either have to part with, or find somewhere to store-in an orderly, out-of-sight manner, the treasures of my life – those toys, tools, trophies, pictures and posters that haven’t been used for years, along with the books, clothes, shoes, boots, fishing rods, golf clubs, racquets and other miscellaneous outdoor equipment that we do use.  What do I miss most about Ohio?  My BASEMENT! [click to continue…]