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Our Story

Everyone has a story.  What’s neat about the people we meet on Hilton Head is how many have stories of falling in love with the Island and finding a way to be here more, or permanently, sooner rather than later.  I don’t know the statistics island-wide, but at least 90% of the people we know on the island are transplanted from somewhere else.  Their stories range from those who retired at 62 or 65 and moved here to those who came earlier with the confidence they could make a go of it.

Our story on Hilton Head started in the mid-nineties when we began vacationing here after discovering it was easier to get to than our usual spot in Ocean Isle, NC – and warmer.   A straight shot down I77 through Charlotte, SC with brief legs on I26 and I95 and we could make it here in a day, no problem.

Once we had vacationed here a few times, the idea of a time share begin to make sense as we wanted to come here every year. After enjoying that for a few years, like most of the people who live in Hilton Head, the “sand got in our shoes” and we wanted to be here more than just one week a year. One morning on the beach during our annual Spring Break week here my husband, John,  said “I want to buy a house here… now!”  Two months later we owned a fixer-upper and started coming for a couple of weeks at a time, several times a year.

And then, before you know it, we wanted to be here more that just a few weeks at a time – maybe skip the entire winter in Ohio. Of course, everyone here says that Fall and Spring are the best seasons, so we wanted to be here then, also. With the kids out of the house and John working from home, it was time to move here full-time, even though we aren’t really old enough to fully “retire”. With John still working and me taking on “lifestyle” part-time jobs, we are figuring out what works for us, here in paradise.

What works for us, and many others on the island, just might work for you. We are going to explore all the options here in Hilton Head and share them with you so you can figure out if maybe, just maybe, you can join us on the beautiful island. ‘Cause let’s face it – who wouldn’t want to live on an island?– Janet

Fishing in Hilton Head

John Showing The Boys His Latest Catch

From John…..

Our family has always loved being on, or near the water.  We spent several wonderful vacations with our kids and extended family on the pristine beaches of North Carolina. When we stumbled onto Hilton Head our eyes were opened to a place that had beautiful beaches and offered “the whole package” in terms of community, services, entertainment, culture, outdoor activities, etc.  For us this translates into a healthier, happier lifestyle now, and when we do reach retirement- whatever retirement is!–John

Dolphin Head in Hilton Head Plantation