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October in Hilton Head

October in Hilton HeadMost people around here think October is the best month to be in Hilton Head. This year, it would be hard to argue that point. We have had warm, sunny days almost the entire month. If you live here, you know what I mean. If you plan on living here (and you know who you are!), October in Hilton Head seals the deal.

The Water is Still Warm

October in Hilton HeadBelieve it or not, the ocean water is still warm, even at the end of October. Not everyone feels it is warm enough to swim, mind you. But most people would agree it is plenty warm enough to wade in as you walk barefoot on the beach. The warm, sunny days keep everything from cooling down too much in October in Hilton Head.

The Nights Start Getting Crisp

October in Hilton HeadYou still get a sense of fall as the night air starts to get cooler. Just enough to dig out your favorite sweater and remind you what you liked about fall up north. But not enough to invoke that sinking feeling that winter, and snow, is close behind. The sunsets are even more beautiful as the increasing clouds add another element of drama to the picture.

The Days are Sunny and Perfect for Tennis

October in Hilton HeadNot too hot, not too cold. Goldilocks would be just right in October in Hilton Head. Perfect weather for all your outdoor activities, especially tennis. Biking over to our favorite courts, Spring Lake Tennis Center, with a cooler of after-tennis beverages, is one of our favorite things to do. The Team Tennis league has just started, and goes through January. Along with the Ultimate Tennis League, we have plenty of opportunities to get out on the courts. October in Hilton Head is the best!

About the author: Janet Turley is a freelance writer and speaker who lives on Hilton Head Island. She blogs about all the wonderful things to do on the island at janetturleyhiltonhead.com and about her tennis game at hiltonheadlovestennis.com. Contact her at janet@janetturleyhiltonhead.com

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