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Fall In Love With Hilton Head

Fall in Love with Hilton HeadFall is a glorious time to be, and live, in Hilton Head. October and November are some of the best times to be here. Here’s a few pictures to help you fall in love with Hilton Head, like we did!

Beaches Are Wide and Wonderful

Fall in Love with Hilton HeadWalking the beach before work means getting out there early! Before the time change, we were usually there way before the sun rose, but were rewarded with beautiful, pre-dawn colors.Fall in love with hilton headAfter the time change, the sun comes out nice and bright in a beautiful blue sky!Fall in love with hilton headWhen we start seeing pictures of the first snowfall back in Ohio, we are grateful to be living near the beach, soaking up the sunshine. One of the major reasons most people fall in love with Hilton Head!

Second Gardening Season in the Fall

fall in love with Hilton HeadBeing able to garden in the fall and winter here is a wonderful thing. Our vegetable garden at Seabrook Farms, the community garden in our neighborhood, is flourishing.Fall in love with hilton headCabbage, kale, carrots, parsnips, broccoli, daikon radishes, rutabaga, lettuce, cauliflower and more. It is fun to come up with different recipes for all these veggies!fall in love with hilton headThe onion sets and garlic are just being planted and will be harvested in the spring. 79 onions!Fall in love with Hilton HeadWalking to the garden is something “The Boys” enjoy and they love to explore every inch of our plot and nibble on some kale if you don’t keep an eye on them!

It Is Not Too Hard to Fall in Love With Hilton Head

Fall in Love with Hilton HeadThe nights are cooler, but most days are sunny and warm here in the fall. Perfect for hanging out on a dock overlooking the water.Fall in Love with Hilton HeadWith the summer crowds gone, it is easier to boat up Broad Creek to Shelter Cove and enjoy the restaurants and fishing in the coves.Fall in love with Hilton headOvernight trips to nearby islands, like Kiawah Island, wrap up why it is so easy to fall in love with Hilton Head.

About the author: Janet Turley is a freelance writer and speaker who lives on Hilton Head Island. She blogs about all the wonderful things to do on the island at janetturleyhiltonhead.com and about her tennis game at hiltonheadlovestennis.com. Contact her at janet@janetturleyhiltonhead.com

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