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The Magic of Tidying Up in Hilton Head: It Starts With Clothes

Magic of Tidying Up in Hilton Head2015 has been declared “The Year of the Cleanse” in our household. Inspired by the NY Times best-seller The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up in Hilton Head we are finally dealing with all that stuff we moved here from Ohio. Last month, I laid out our plan for the year and promised to update you every month on our progress. So far, so good! We have accomplished our first goal.

Tidying Order: Follow the Correct Sequence of Categories

Magic of Tidying Up in Hilton HeadAs you might recall from last month, the author, Marie Kondo, has a specific order of tidying she wants you to follow in order to be successful. Clothing is first because it is, supposedly, the easiest category. While not as hard as mementos, which she advises you tackle last, this is not a small, unemotional category for me. I love my clothes and have them spread all over the house. The goal was to get them all into one closet. Yikes!

Place Every Item of Clothing on the Floor

Magic of Tidying up in Hilton HeadOkay, this sounds a bit odd, but it does work. Why? Because the sheer volume of your clothes, piled up all over the floor, will motivate you to get rid of most of them. You have to pick up each item and say to yourself: “Does this bring me joy?” If it does, it stays. If it doesn’t, it goes. Sounds a bit corny, and you can say it however you want, but it does work. Luckily, you get to divide the entire clothing category into subcategories (tops, bottoms, sock, shoes, jewelry, etc.) Otherwise, it would just be too overwhelming.

Category #1 Completed: All Clothes Tidied Up in One Spot (Almost)

Magic of Tidying Up in Hilton HeadI managed to get all my clothes into one and a half closets in the month of January. I know, I was supposed to get it down to one, but my coats and vests are stashed in part of a guest room closet. I plan to wittle that down this winter with a “use it or lose it” attitude. Seasonal items were taken care of with some handyman work by John. See the summer shoes above the clothing rack? Very clever! Once we got the closet cleaned and organized, it really did feel like magic. The real trick will be to keep it that way. . .

The Magic of Tidying Up in Hilton Head – What’s Up Next?

Magic of Tidying up in Hilton HeadBooks are the next recommended category. We have started to make progress here, too. A new geothermal heating system in March means the attic has to be completely empty by the end of this month. Guess where there are a few boxes of books stashed? You got it – the attic. With no basements here in the south (read John’s hilarious post about this subject), the attic becomes the go-to place for all your extra stuff. Following the author’s magic plan, we have to lay all the books out on the floor and figure out what to do with them next. Marie has some pretty sage advice about books we will share with you next month. Do you think using my cookbooks as a plant stand in the kitchen is allowed in the Magic of Tidying Up in Hilton Head master plan? Stayed tuned to find out. Subscribe to the newsletter to be in this month’s drawing for the book.

About the author: Janet Turley is a freelance writer and speaker who lives on Hilton Head Island. She blogs about all the wonderful things to do on the island at janetturleyhiltonhead.com and about her tennis game at hiltonheadlovestennis.com. Contact her at janet@janetturleyhiltonhead.com

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