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Target the Band- Where Live Music in Hilton Head Meets Fun

Target the Band plays at Ruby Lee's in Hilton Head on Thursdays from 7:00- 10:00 pm

Target the Band plays at Ruby Lee’s in Hilton Head on Thursdays from 7:00- 10:00 pm

“Michael grew up on the tough streets of Moss Creek- playing for nickels, dimes, and quarters- in the rain  and snow -dodging tough guys….”  Brian Raehm, Target the Band’s bass player and lead comedian, was “busting” on their guitarist while the band vamped the intro to their crowd-pleasing “Four Seasons Medley.”  Michael, who often plays the straight man to Brian’s humor, was smiling politely, waiting for the cue to launch into a rendition of these classics that would make Frankie Valli proud. Janet and I made a long-overdue visit to Ruby Lee’s to check out this popular Hilton Head act. We were not disappointed!

Michael Carletta, Michelle Raehm, and Brian Raehm are Target the Band

Michael Carletta, Michelle Raehm, and Brian Raehm are Target the Band- photo courtesy of the band

Target the Band is a three piece ensemble with the kind of chemistry that only comes from performing together for many years. The band was formed 41 years ago in New York. Brian and his wife, Michelle, are original members. Michael has been on board for nine. Their masterful playing and amazing vocals are complemented by a flair for comedy and timing that makes their show much more than just a musical showcase. During their performance, Brian, Michelle and Michael trade lead and backup roles with each other like a game of musical hot potato. Their apparent love for performing together translates into a fast-moving, high energy, can-you-top-this act that demands audience participation.

Brian Raehm, lead comedian and  bass player!

Brian Raehm, lead comedian and wicked (right handed?) bass player!

Target puts out a sound that seems much larger than just three musicians. Brian Raehm sings, and spins a bass line easier than his (locally famous) quirky left-handed tennis serve. Michelle Raehm plays keyboards, sings lead and harmonies, and provides an appealing feminine counterpoint to the musical and comedic shenanigans of the other two. Michael Carletta, nicknamed “the Sicilian Songbird”, is an absolutely phenomenal musician and vocalist. He channels the virtuous guitar playing of the greats, and has a vocal range that spans from Satchmo to Philip Bailey. Target the Band’s long song list includes favorite selections from classic rock, Motown, R & B, pop, modern country, and much more. Target made my night when they dusted off Chicago’s classic, “Only the Beginning”!

By the time we left their Thursday night show at Ruby Lee’s, we felt we had become close friends with the band,  50 or 60 of the other patrons, and the Ruby Lee’s staff.  The music is so second nature to the band that they can focus on audience participation.  Even owner Deborah Govan felt the pull to the dance floor when the group launched into “Mama’s Drinking Liquor Again.”

RubyLeeHeadLogoTarget the Band plays their special brand of live music in Hilton Head on Thursdays at Ruby Lee’s from 7:00- 10 pm, and  on Tuesdays in Bluffton at Zeppelin’s Bar and Grill from 6:00- 9:00 pm . Check out their website for other dates in the area. This band is a lot of fun!

We are going to have a drawing this month to win a copy of Target the Band’s live CD. Subscribe to our website here and qualify to win!

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