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Lonely females Spain

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Woman travelling alone in Andalusia | Spain - Lonely Planet Forum - Thorn Tree

Spain, particularly the larger, more touristy cities, is a great place for first time solo female travelers, mostly because of the international status! The Spanish culture is also incredibly open, friendly, and social, so even if you find yourself in a smaller area, never fear! By then I had lived in Spain for several femaled, and was a fairly seasoned traveler…with companions.

Lonely females Spain

I had never had to plan a trip, catch the bus, switch tickets when I found out I had bought Mexico and pr female ticket for the wrong day, Lonely females Spain out public transportation systems, and make my way to the hidden hostel by myself before. Lonely females Spain it was a bit of a challenge, I figured it out! This trip quickly became one Lonely females Spain my favorite weekend trips; it was late April, so it was warm and sunny in Andalusia where it was still dreary and cold in Madrid, and my Florida skin got to soak up the vitamins it had been missing all winter.

I got to wear flowy dresses, eat outside in the warmth, and really enjoy the perks of traveling solo, like doing what I wanted when I wanted. I was in charge of my weekend! I felt so empowered — what had I been so afraid of? This was great! Unfortunately, I got too cocky.

I had a little voice in my head that told me to be more careful — I was in a Lonely females Spain place alone, after all, and while it was still a safe place, Lonely females Spain should always be aware of your surroundings when fsmales travel. What did I do? I ignored it. I walked around the most touristy areas like the queen of the world, phone in my hand red flag!!

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The sight of a confused tourist with an open map can be a big draw to pickpockets. Most guidebooks will have a handy Spanish section in the Spaij and there are lots of great language apps that make learning more fun than sitting in the classroom.

There are several local groups where you can meet local and Lonely females Spain women who would be more than happy to show you their city. Lonely females Spain

The website Meetup is a great resource with different events to suit lots of different tastes. Jessica Jones. Save to wishlist.

Lonely females Spain I Am Ready Sexy Meeting

Madrid is, on the whole, Lonely females Spain very safe city for women — or men — travelling alone. I am a female wondering if I should go to Spain by myself.

Did you feel safe? Did you stay in a hostel or hotel? Did you know the language?

females that have travelled to Spain alone - Travellerspoint Travel Forums

If not, did you have any trouble? Are the taxi cab drivers ok? I've heard there are a lot of pickpockets.

Any advice or tips on anything? Also-Please help with the itinerary-can anybody advise? I'm trying to take off the least possible days from work. This is Lonely females Spain best I can come up with-can anybody shorten this or come up with a different combination?

Lonely females Spain

I can't figure out how to arrive in Spain later like Fri. Is this something Lonely females Spain do while you are there or should you spend your time doing something else?

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I don't have any advice for Spain but I am thinking it might be my next big trip solo woman so I'm interested in the replies you get. I feel your pain Lonely females Spain trying to schedule cities femaes get the best nights.

Spanish Women: The True Insider's Secrets and Guide - This Is Trouble

Seems like all the fun stuff happens on the weekend so it's tough to plan a fairly short trip and still hit the highlights. Lonely females Spain a guy but I wouldn't see why you would need to worry about safety.

All rules apply to any situation in any country, dont walk in dodgy areas at night, that can be said for guys too, especially in Barcelona, which I Girls fucked Barstow Illinois very unsafe. Lonely females Spain met solo woman thruout my trip in Spain femaes Portugal, many were in Hostels, Hotels and Camp sites alone at the beaches.

So I think you need not worry, more than in any other country. Go for it.